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I'm using the default immutant configuration of luminus to run an app on Heroku (one dyno) that mostly serves up static files, with occasional post requests logging data to a mongo db. I'm running into performance problems, and suspect that it may be caused by immutant slowing down or blocking when serving a file to a slow-loading client. I'd like to get some input from an immutant expert. See my description here:!topic/luminusweb/bpJnO2CY4LM Is there a simple fix, such as a tweak to number of io threads, or do I need to switch to an async server like aleph?


Hi, someone work with Immutant 2 and protobuff. When i try to convert stream -> clojure hash map (in safary) i catch UT000034: Stream is closed
but in chrome/firefox/ie all work fine (edited)