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@maleghast yes, you should clean up in :component-will-unmount


@mccraigmccraig - Thanks again! Everyone, I will now be stopping with the annoying questions about Reagent for at least 24 hours, as @mccraigmccraig has REALLY helped me grok the stuff I was getting wrong and I have an app that does what I want it to now. Seeing as my next step is taking out static / synthetic data and adding in “real” data and not building any more components for a while, I will return to asking mundane (read dumb) questions about core Clojure and data structures 😉


But first, LUNCH!


what's going on?


4 non Blondes?


those were the days.. alanis, 4 non blondes, ace of base


Now I have "Wheel of Fortune" stuck in my head


Oh man I once read a detailed lyrical analysis of “All That She Wants” by Ace of Base. And to this day I’m still not sure if it’s a conspiracy theory or not.


I worked in a record shop from 93-95, it was a good time.


Hah, I was 10


I was more wondering what the lyrical analysis was


@carr0t Google my friend, Google. Autosuggest is your friend, start with “Ace of Base” and you’ll hopefully see.


"we are able to treat English very respectless" 😁


Not quite what I was reading.


I was having a look at the programme for Clojure X next month. Actually really happy that's it's a single track. Means I get to watch all the talks!


@yogidevbear there should be some updates on the ClojureX schedule this week. We have moved quite a few things around, just waiting for SM to update


Sweet. Looking forward to the updates 👍


🙂 I noticed my “You’ll need a beer after this talk” slot change 🙂


@U0K1RLM99 actually I have you at 15.30 - still waiting for SkillsMatter for the full update


Day 1 09:15 Keynote: African Polyphony and Polyrhythm Chris Ford 10:15 Coffee Break 10:30 The Return of Clojure Data Science Elise Huard 11:00 Coffee Break 11:15 Clojure for Data Science: from a Prototype in Python to Clojure in Production Maria Mestre and Chloe Pont 11:45 Coffee Break 12:00 A Dynamic, Statically Typed Contradiction Andrew McVeigh 12:30 Lunch Break 13:30 Lightning Talk: Microscopic Clojure Alan Forrester 13:45 Lightning Talk Session 2 14:00 Lightning Talk Session 3 14:15 Lightning Talk Session 4 14:30 Coffee Break 14:45 Solving problems with neural network in Clojue Rickesh Bedia 15:15 Coffee Break 15:30 How I Bled All Over Onyx Jason Bell 16:00 Coffee Break 16:15 Clojure Puzzlers Renzo Borgatti 16:45 Coffee Break 17:00 Building Kilipse & graphics Yonathan 17:30 Beer Break! 17:45 Running ClojureBridge; Or how we learned to stop worrying and love coaching 18:15 #clojurex 2018 Party with Pizza and Beer! Day 2 09:00 Opening and Welcome 09:15 Keynote: Lumo: Bootstrapping a Standalone ClojureScript Environment António Monteiro 10:15 Coffee Break 10:30 Productive Duct James Reeves 11:00 Coffee Break 11:15 (Rails->Clojure :Remove Database) Hugo Firth 11:45 Coffee Break 12:00 Celebrate ClojureX with Cider Bozhidar Batsov 12:30 Lunch 13:30 Lightning Talk Session 1 13:45 Lightning Talk Session 2 14:00 Lightning Talk Session 3 14:15 Lightning Talk Session 4 14:30 Coffee Break 14:45 Taming a Huge, Sprawling System with Clojure Russell Dunphy & Mahsa Mohammadkhani 15:15 Coffee Break 15:30 A tour of tick, time as a value Malcolm Sparks 16:00 Coffee Break 16:15 16:45 Coffee Break 17:00 DevOps Clojurescript: One Config to rule them all Jon Pither 17:30 Beer Break 17:45 ClojureX Panel: What do the next 10 years hold for Clojure 18:15 #clojurex 2017 Wrap Up Presentation


@U0K1RLM99 "How I Bled All Over Onyx" I'm intrigued, yet terrified 😉


@U05254DQM Line up is looking really good


@U05254DQM No problem, I don’t mind what time I talk really. Just got to be out 4pm on the Tuesday.


@yogidevbear It’s not that scary really. Just a fine title 🙂


Looking forward to it


@U05254DQM Shouldn't "Building Kilipse & graphics Yonathan" be "Building Klipse & graphics Yonathan"?


yes, doh... I should stop organising multiple events at the same time... my concurrency is not as good as core.async


🙂 I commend on all the effort 👍


speaking of events @yogidevbear were you going to speak at one of the London Clojurians talk nights? I should start booking speakers up for 2018


@U05254DQM As long as you're happy with an entry level talk, I may be able to accommodate you in 2018. I'll have to do a few really nice things for my wife first though to earn a London evening pass 😉


Yeah, I'm really looking forward to it


@yogidevbear Look forward to meeting you!


Ah don’t worry, you’re regret that statement later 🙂


I think all clojure confs are single track


the conj was multiple track


was this a first? Or is it usually multi-track?


(or at least partially two tracks, like 2017)


And given the 2015 playlist for Clojure/conj on ClojureTV has 28 videos, I would hazard that it was also (partially) two tracks but I can't remember for sure.


2014 had 21 sessions... based on people's notes that I'm finding, that looks like it was single track.