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@geek-draven re: businesses ppl using Excel: a lot of this kind of response from business comes from combinations of familiarity with existing tools, the cognitive overhead of learning some other tool that, although more powerful is also inherently more complex and, in my experience, frustration with the speed of response to new requirements from IT depts. This is how Salesforce established it's SaaS business model and grew to the size it is.


@glenjamin have a look at OSM and friends (OSRM comes to mind)


I poked around the OSM stuff, but had some difficulty identifying the actual APIs that are available


have a look at mapzen


maybe that has what you need.


OSM it self doesn't do routing... but there should be a service that does that based on the OSM data.


the scenario I have is that I have a cycling route as a GPX or similar, and i want to turn that into turn-by-turn directions, and then attach them together for upload into my watch


I already have the routing, but i want to enrich that route


hmm... in that case I am not sure. maybe combine your gpx with some OSM data... and then find the route in that?


i think if i can find an API that tells me the road name from a co-ord and then do that on every point, and then announce a turn whenever the road changes


@agile_geek I understand why they want to use it, and in this case it's because it's what they've always used, but when you're dealing with 10's of millions of rows of data each day, it's a little limiting. They've got better and the requests to extract all the fields from all of the reports from an API have thankfully stopped. To start with it was a case of 'give us all the data and we'll figure out what to do with it later'. It's been a learning experience from both sides, and I now know more about the Facebook APIs than I ever wanted to know! 😀


There's some spreadsheet automation at my current client, but it's all Google Sheets, which is a bit more manageable - sharing, permissions, change logs, security, are all handled by Google. (I'm presuming Microsoft have some enterprise-y way to do this with Excel and Office 365? )


Can anyone remind me what the CI/CD system is that's build on Clojure?


Yes, thank you


I thought it was CircleCI?


I think CircleCI might be CLJ too, but I was thinking of LambdaCD


CircleCI docs don't seem to mention Clojure


Not sure if this is any good, but a friend shared this earlier


I'm guessing there might be some ThoughtWorks people here?


The front end of circleci is in clojurescript. It's actually open sourced on their github repo


I quite like GoCD, but it's overly complex for simple systems. And it definitely doesn't have any clojure in in!


lambdacd is a project written by a ThoughtWorks person, looks pretty neat but I haven't tried it


@otfrom a while ago i seem to remember you saying you had found c* impossible to deploy on top of mesos/dcos - what were the problems you had which stopped you ?


is the Uswitch meetup going ahead tonight?


@mccraigmccraig that was more of a worry from @thattommyhall . We'll be finding out soonish


oh, ok, cool - i'll be trying it soon too - i couldn't see an obvious reason why it wouldn't work, as long as there are disk reservations etc