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Shantanu Kumar07:03:42

I’m wondering if a talk on the topic Logs as data in the April meetup would be useful. I can do the talk if there’s interest.


Has anyone compared/contrasted component vs mount and have some first hand findings to share? We are building couple of services from scratch and would like to build on one of these. Any suggestions?

Shantanu Kumar18:03:55

@anujsays We have gone over those quite a bit internally at Concur. Notwithstanding my shameless plug you may want to look at Dime if you care a lot about pervasive unit testing and multi-layer composition 🙂

Shantanu Kumar18:03:36

I also blogged about the perils of sub-par mocking w.r.t. unit testing:


@kumarshantanu Oh ya! you spoke about it.