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In the tradition of UGT - Morning. I've spent all morning and some of afternoon talking to students from Sunderland University about their project work. Some quite impressive stuff. Not so much technically (although some were good) but their teamwork and presentation was really good. A bit disappointingly (but not surprising) only one team of the 8-9 I talked to had automated tests! Everyone said, "we would have if we'd had time". How many times have I heard that from professional developers?


If you had automated tests, you would have more time! 🙂


i’ve been a bit lazy on this latest project I’ve kicked off, using a gradual type checker and i’ve been really lax on tests. Last couple of days i’ve really felt the impact


it’s only 3 weeks old, but I got a big dump of messy HTML canvas from another dev - trying to tidy it up and I keep introducing edge case regressions


What test librar(y|ies) are the current recommended ones to use? I heard midje was no longer the best option for tests.


I tried expectations recently and liked it


The objections to Midje are generally a) it constructs it’s own rich DSL on top of Clojure b) it does a lot of "magic" behind the scenes. The built-in clojure.test is fine for rather imperative, assertion-based code. We switched to Expectations at World Singles, several years back and we love that.


2/2 votes for expectations sounds promising