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@pbaille: that will be a bug. Could I please get you to submit an issue here: Thanks.


How would re-frame handle a situation where I have 3 buttons that all do the same thing (thing A), and later I'll want one of the buttons to do things A and B? Should I have separate events for each of them from the start (`:button1-pressed`, :button2-pressed), or can I compose events somehow?


btw, couldn't re-frames README benefit from having a full example in the bottom? I've read the README a while back but I've never used re-frame, but sometimes when I come back it'd be nice to get the "whole picture" quickly. Just to remind myself.


the readme itself is superb, as has been said many times.


@kauko At the bottom of the readme it has a "Where To Go" next section which points to:


Yeah, I saw them 🙂 But wouldn't it be nice if there was one final code block that showed all the "keywords" (dispatch, subscribe), and how they're connected together?


I don't know if this makes sense. It does to me! 😄


@kauko: regarding your other queston, hard to say exactly, but I think I'd make the two buttons dispatch differently


It's possible to have the A-B handler do B and dispatch to A