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@daveliepmann: Got a reply on my question. 1.5.7 is just a bugfix on the old 1.5 branch, the latest is 1.9.0.


@ricardo: That's a bit frustrating, since the README clearly says 1.5.7 and the master branch is definitely not at 1.9 😕


I updated the purpose here, maybe that’ll at least help those who come into the channel.


I’m sure this must have bitten more than one person - an article I found about Think Stats from Dec 2015 by Ray Miller suggested 1.5.6, and at that point 1.9.0 had already been out for a year.


I don't see how people would figure out 1.9 is "official" ( without substantial digging.


@daveliepmann: You’re preaching to the choir on that one. Not @mikera’s fault, though, as he seems to be just another contributor, and the library does not have a maintainer right now.


An indicator was that a lot of issues reference 1.9.0, but I agree, it requires a certain amount of digging and confirmation.


Generally summary for people who aren’t aware - Incanter 1.9.0 had a few breaking changes, and reworked the way a lot of things were done. In all honesty, it probably should have been a 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT release, as that’s really what it was intended for. As a result, there’s been a little drift between people on 1.x, and people who are effectively on 2.x (or 1.9.x). You can read a little about the breaking changes here -


But I agree, it’s definitely frustrating, especially as the documentation is inconsistent


@surreal.analysis: your explanation clarifies things immensely. Thank you.


No problem. I went through all the confusing last summer, so it’s not new. It’s unfortunately just not documented any clear place.