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in case you haven’t seen it yet:


Morning. My ears have been burning cos you've mentioned me. To finish off the thread on Dell XPS13 Linux, it was the latest gen (4th) that I tried but the developer edition wasn't out yet and looks like they swapped the broadcom wifi card for an intell one to get around issues. I liked the machine and build quality but the after sales service (which I was paying a lot of money for - more than applecare!) was rubbish.


FYI - I now have an 4th Gen X1 Carbon. I don't like the screen or the size quite as much as the Dell but it's a nice piece of kit but v. expensive (MBP is cheaper!). I'm running Ubuntu and so far (3 days in) so good.


welcome back @agile_geek we missed you!


Aww, I can feel the love from here. Thx ❤️


@agile_geek: your laptop comment already helped a friend looking to do the mac -> linux switch