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Hi, I'm just getting started with Spacemacs (I can get by in vim, but have never used emacs). Does anyone know of some good tutorials, with some good practical exercises? I have done the short evil-tutor, and wanted to continue getting into it more.


I honestly think the best way to get comfortable with it is just to use it. There aren’t any tutorials I’m aware of


the ‘guide-key’ stuff that comes up when you hit the beginning of a keychord is really helpful and makes the system really discoverable

Chris O’Donnell14:04:49

@naartjie: The spacemacs documentation has a lot of really useful stuff. You can access it with SPACE + h + ENTER. I try to pick a section and slowly integrate the keybinds in that section that I find useful into my workflow. Once I have one set down, I'll find another section I want to learn.