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@rickmoynihan at DB we used to call that 'sliming in'. In an early release of our system a trader rang up to complain about one of the query entry forms. While talking with him on the phone, not only did we diagnose the issue to be a missing currency symbol in the regex (the $ embarrasingly), but patched it live (weighing up the risks and taking the discipline to update the original code). That trader went on to be a big supporter of our fledgling new system.


That example to me is the 'individuals and interactions' part of agile. My concern with CI/CD is that an Agile practice has been elevated to that of a principle. I think some act as if 'following process' is more important than 'serving users'. It isn't.


That said, if your uberjar deployment process is sub-minute I concede that is a good place to be.


Yeah - I'm certainly very disillusioned with agile compared to what it was 10-15 years ago... like many things it has become a shortcut to thinking - and I'd always side with thinking over a checkbox process.


that pimp my repl article is quite good - most of it's pretty standard - but I wasn't aware of vinyasa


i wish my repl process was sub minute, for some reason most people i’ve worked with in the last year consider ~5mins a fast build




i assume they’re in PTSD from really slow builds


I guess uberjar could be a lot more clever about not recompiling build artifacts that haven't changed... e.g. the classes generated from library jars - rather than project src paths


that 5 mins includes tests, for some reason almost everyone i work with doesn’t seem to care about having tests which take less than a second to run


malcolmsparks: you could still have a repl with your uberjar


I'm assuming there are plans to make the clojure 1.8.x repl work with nrepl tooling like cider etc...


There are for cider. But nothing in the works yet afaik as we struggle to see the benefits