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Has anyone else found their run-in-simulator config borked after attempting re-natal use-ios-device real and then going back to re-natal use-figwheel? Everything works fine when I port the cljs to a freshly bootstrapped project.


at least part of the problem is that some script keeps appending extra port #s to the jsCodeLocation URL in AppDelegate.m. I'm up to 3: jsCodeLocation = [NSURL URLWithString:@""];


@daveliepmann looks like a bug, feel free to post an issue in github I think its easy to fix


Btw there is a command re-natal upgrade that is intended to update configs in project generated by prevous versions.


@drapanjanas: Thanks! I'll try to bug-report but I've already moved on using a freshly bootstrapped project. I have that weird backwards-hope that it happens again so I can reproduce the bug for the github issue simple_smile