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Morning, some css again. And some frustration at ns for leaving early while changing trains. The other train was shorter, so didn't make it in time..




CSS is not my friend, I understand the troubles


Mine neither, but the backend was already done, and I could not sa I don't know nothing about it..


Morning! Today I’m giving a clojure(script) workshop for my coworkers that are starting out using it daily. We’re building a little pathfinder app, check out the finished version at:

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And click on the Boyscout logo for a neat little easter egg 😉


(not responsive, sorry)


looks nice 🙂


For all you people having troubles with css and design, I have a great bite sized resource for you. Refactoring UI on youtube (and a book). Check it out! It’s great design tips explained for developpers. Videos of 10 minutes long, where Steve takes a not-so-great UI and refactors it as we do code. By taking small refactoring steps he always ends up with a great looking ui. A month ago I was still a total sucker for making things pretty. I read his book and now I’m making things I am visually proud of, like the little app posted above.


He also made a css library that supports his ideas. And it’s.. functional! Just a collection of generated utility functions. You can write beautiful ui’s without writing any css at all. We started using it at Brightin and it’s been great.


@yannvahalewyn Thank you. This is one of the areas where I always feel a bit lacking. It took me years to finally understand how CSS works, although it's maybe not that hard. My brain just doesn't want to align with it.


Same, this really pushed my designs off the charts and finally something that made sense for me as a developer


For more incentive towards people in the same boat: he uses more terms related to “SRP”, “hierarchy” and “seperation of concerns” which makes sense to us, and less “use whitespace to make your design breathe” or “combine shapes and lines to create visual interest” kind of things I always hear when trying to learn design. Those things we’re always too subjective for me and I think a lot of us feel the same way.


let’s make sure the clojure community not only makes things work great, but also look great! 😉


I like bulma for css, but the problem is more that is was specified differently.


@borkdude That’s great! No location yet, is that something they’re still looking for?


@yannvahalewyn I guess so, but only @skuro can you tell 🙂