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@joelittlejohn The behavior of this command hasn’t been changed since it was introduced. Perhaps you’ve changed something in your Emacs setup?

Joe Littlejohn18:11:00

@bozhidar ah, okay, thanks. What's the default behaviour? Is it supposed to be customisable?


@joelittlejohn I like cider-find-var to always use the current window. I have a hack for this — see (I really should get around to submitting a PR to provide the behaviour I want.)


Hmm, so it seems that the implementation actually tries to be smart when there are several open windows. I’ve re-opened the ticket and I’ll try to reproduce the problem when I can.


I’ve created a PR so that by default cider-find-var uses the current window, but there is an option to have the old behaviour. (The default behaviour matches what Emacs does in .el files.)