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Oliver George03:11:32

Anyone using Sentry with a re-natal project? I'm wondering if it's possible/practical to get source mapping working so the exception reports show CLJS code.


might work for you

Oliver George09:11:37

Thanks Daniel, I'll check it out.

Oliver George22:12:44

Hi Daniel. No but I didn’t give it enough time.


@olivergeorge last time i checked, the challenge with this comes down to [ ]. It's a bummer, not sure if there are any workarounds.

Oliver George09:11:05

Thanks. I'll keep an eye on that.


While we are on the topic - do you track exceptions in your apps? What's your approach? To me having something like which sends errors to backend sounds very reasonable but what if there is error that i don't know how to reproduce? What is your strategy there?

Mark W19:11:09

Hello everyone, I'm working on an app and have been doing development with an android simulator just fine. I would now like to test my app on a real phone (android 8.1.0). The app builds just fine and the phone says "waiting for figwheel to load files." but then after about a minute or so I get an error "Network request failed"

Mark W19:11:48

top three msg in stack trace are "onerror", "dispatchEvent" andd "setReadyState"

Mark W19:11:07

all from ReactNativeRenderer-dev.js

Mark W19:11:42

any suggestions on how to fix this? any feedback is much appreciated thanks


@creditobrasil Not sure exactly how this goes on Android (I’m just working on iOS right now), but the problem exists somewhere in the network between your phone and the computer. Make sure your app has permissions to reach your computer on the local network and make sure you’ve run re-natal use-android-device and re-natal use-figwheel so that the index.js points to the right network address.