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Listened to defn podcast 51 yesterday. Also some mentions on Rust. I actually had a rather bad experience with Rust in the weekend, once I finally got the typing right and started the service there where several bugs in a literary I used which I need to work around now. To make things worse, the maintainer is the same as another library where he's almost not responding. After I get it working I might consider forking both.


😅 good forkin' luck


I had the same issue with rewrite-clj, author has never responded. Eventually I forked it, and included it as a inlined dep. One benefit of this is that I can tweak all I want now, without bothering someone else 😉


consider it making in an "official" fork under clj-commons 🙂


nope, this fork has very specific tweaks for clj-kondo now


there's already another version called rewrite-cljs which will eventually be rewrite-cljc which is going to be in clj-commons


just spent way too long figuring out why things didn't work, not even logging... turned out the "disable cache" flag was turned off in my browser


They both have some legacy, and aren't really 'rusty'. And both are lacking proper tests. Having application using both makes it much easier to both properly test them, and making sure they are 'Java compatible'. But there are enough other fun things to do. But now I'm already in there quit deep, and it would be a nice puzzle.