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Hello! I've been wanting some autocompletion goodness and stumbled upon Compliment, I'm confused though because I use vim-fireplace and the compliment readme says I should automatically be working for me there.


I use neovim if that matters? I'm thinking of trying the other vim/clojure solutions, maybe something like Conjure which seems to also use Compliment as well as coc.nvim which I really love. But if possible, to keep things simple, is there something I should be doing to get this Compliment autocompletion working with fireplace?


i saw in the fireplace README ( ) that it's recommended to set up cider-nrepl first. i wonder if maybe that's necessary in order for compliment to work


hmmm, I'm coming back to clojure after a small absence, I thought that wasn't necessary anymore. At least fireplace has been working and connecting fine on it's own as long as I have the lein repl started before opening the project files.


I've added it but don't notice any change besides quite a few warnings when starting the repl.


the fireplace README says it'll make do with eval if you don't have the cider nrepl middleware set up


but maybe the implication there is that you won't be able to leverage all the features that the middleware provides


i did see compliment mentioned in the readme for cider-nrepl


ok, thanks for helping out! I've added cider-nrepl and will keep playing around with it and checking the documentation. no autocompletion yet besides the basic default functionality of coc.nvim


without cider-nrepl, fireplace falls back to using a crude eval for omnicomplete. I think you've convinced me to replace that with an error message to eliminate confusion