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Mandimby Raveloarinjaka14:07:49

Hello, I have to interact with an internal maven repository that exposes only http. I have upgraded to boot 2.8.3 and, as expected, I have the error "Tried to use insecure HTTP repository without TLS". Now, following the wiki, I tried to register a wagon for the "http" scheme at the beginning of my build.boot but I still get the error.

(merge-env! :dependencies '[[com.cemerick/pomegranate "1.1.0"]])
(require 'cemerick.pomegranate.aether)
  "http" #(org.apache.maven.wagon.providers.http.HttpWagon.))

Ashley Smith18:07:36

Hey everyone! So Im trying to figure out lein vs boot for my project and I wanted to ask: Figwheel seems to be very much a lein thing? When I try to use the figwheel template in boot, it simply makes a leiningen project. Are there any boot alternatives that work nicely? Bonus: I want to make a web app consisting of a client, a server and a database. I know I'd like to use reagent, but I'm very new to this whole setup. Can anyone reccomend me the packages I need? I think I need to use Ansible, but is that it?


maybe others have more recent knowledge, but my understanding is that things related to figwheel are generally lein-centric, so lein might be a better choice if that’s your primary interest

Ashley Smith18:07:33

It's not figwheel itself, but rather the idea of the page hot reloading. It's quite nice to see changes as you work. However, I think there's a way you can make boot watch for changes and reload when needed, but I don't think that'd do the nice compilation error message that fig does


ah, yes, boot’s watch task in combination with the cljs task give you something like the figwheel experience


is this your first clojure project?

Ashley Smith18:07:20

It is indeed. I've done a lot of clojure on hackerrank, but yeah this is the first time I've done something from scratch. I helped with a little bit and figwheel was a nice and easy way to get going. I was interested in learning boot as it does seem nice to use from my limited understanding


cool, yeah i like it 😄 i haven’t used it myself for some time, but traditionally it’s more involved to get things started (vs lein), and so i was going to suggest lein instead for a starter project. but it sounds like you know what you’re getting into

Ashley Smith18:07:45

unfortunately fig is a bit of a deal breaker though. I'm okay with putting in the extra effort learning boot but if it means taking away useful packages like figwheel then as a beginner it isn't such good trade you know?


it depends on the beginner but yeah


well, good luck with whichever way you go, and welcome to the party!

Ashley Smith19:07:28

thank you very much for the chat! 🙂

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Hi, Would anyone know of a boot-based ring tutorial?


All the ones I can find use lein...