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Does anyone know how to open compressed zip file in clojure?

Shantanu Kumar09:04:20

@niten.sagar How about the command jar xvf 😛

Shantanu Kumar09:04:46

On a serious note, you can use the ZipInputStream via Java interop -


@kumarshantanu i have try using ZipInputStream as explained in stackoverflow article but its giving NullPointerException i know there is a multiple csv files compress in a zip folder my zip folder looks something like this

Shantanu Kumar11:04:07

@niten.sagar You should probably print out the ZIP entry filenames to ascertain that your program is encountering the filenames you know exist in the ZIP file

Shantanu Kumar11:04:38

the stack trace in NullPointerException will tell you the exact point where it encountered an unexpected nil