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Hi there. We are a Clojure dev shop focused chiefly on hiring local talent, but we have a client project with a fixed monthly budget that puts us beyond our internal manpower capacity. We are looking to hire an existing remote team of 2 clojure devs familiar enough with our own tech stack (ring, omcljs, devcards, spec, postgresql, liquibase, yesql/hugsql, rest api dev, Bootstrap 3, Firebase 3) to get the project complete to an alpha release and then our internal team will take over. We will provide daily/weekly oversight and project management. Our preference would be for the team to be on California, Hawaii, or Australian time zones as our local team is based in California and we tend to work late. Please feel free to direct message me if you can meet these requirements and are interested.


hi Kevin, I'm interested in the opportunity, I live in Viet Nam UTC +7. I have worked with Clojure for the past 2 years and pretty familiar with the stack you mention. Can you tell me a bit more about the project and how long are we gonna work together and required working hours per week ?