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Hello Clojure enthusiasts, we plan to hold a meetup focused around Clojure APIs. We have developed our own Clojure API in dda-pallet but we would like to see your Clojure API as well. If you have developed or know a Clojure API that that you find interesting, we would like to invite you to present it in a short 10 to 20 minute presentation at our upcoming meetup. A friendly, relaxed and interesting exchange is guaranteed! (Preferably in German but if a non-German presenter wants to participate English is also feasible.) Therefore please check out our meetup page:


@clemens.geibel It would be super usefule to mention the location where the meetup will happen.


Ah thanks. I updated the meetup page 🙂


It's in there, way down…


„im Raum Tübingen/Reutlingen,“