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Hey, I'm relatively new to spacemacs, question what does it mean when: > (that binding is currently shadowed by another mode) I am editing a coffee-script file so coffee-mode (major) and getting weird indents, (it keeps doubling) and I see this on C-h m

key             binding                                                                
---             -------                                                                

RET             coffee-newline-and-indent                                              
  (that binding is currently shadowed by another mode)  


The indents keeps doubling... so 4, 8, 16, 32 .... the further I nest...


my current theory is, evil-ret is also getting called on RET ? and coffee-newline-and-indent is combining with evil-ret to double the indent spacing?


but I am not sure what a shadowed binding does


opened a emacs-overflow for above: - Thanks if anyone can point me in the right direction. 🙂


@quang - I can reproduce that behavior. Looks like a bug to me. I don't see any issues (open or closed) about it on the Spacemacs repo on Github. If I were you I'd either ask on the Spacemacs gitter or else open an issue about it. (I also don't know what a shadowed binding is.)


thanks Jeff


Today I’ve tried and switched to origami - not that different for me, because I fold rarely. But the origami-recursively-toggle-node is quite nice. Bound it to TAB in normal-state, so I’m using it like outline-mode.


FYI, if anyone gets this error during cljs repl start

Exception Failed to launch Figwheel CLJS REPL: nREPL connection found but unable to load piggieback.
This is commonly caused by
 A) not providing piggieback as a dependency and/or
 B) not adding piggieback middleware into your nrepl middleware chain.
Note: Cider will inject this config into your project.clj.
This can cause confusion when your are not using Cider.  figwheel-sidecar.repl/eval32849/fn--32850 (repl.clj:176)
there's discussion in #cider. piggieback got renamed, and there are inconsistencies about who's referring to what. Folks are in the process of cutting releases of the relevant libs. I haven't actually gotten a successful cljs startup yet, although at least one other person has. This may be slightly more complicated with Spacemacs since we're not directly specifying a CIDER version -- anyone know if there's a way to do so?