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@piotrek in general you probably want your root node to just be root, and not participate in the app


something silly like

(defsc Root [this {:keys [application]}]
  {:query [{:application (get-query RealNodeOfApp)}]
   :initial-state {:application {}}}
  (ui-real-application application))


That should go in the book, then we will have a standard. I like :application better than :ui/root. Happy to put it in if you like.


I’m not quite ready to canonize that yet. I haven’t given it enough serious thought to make it a standard. Thanks for the offer, though.

Chris Rosengren02:04:55

To add authentication, is adding rings wrap-session somehow into the easy-servers injections reasonable? And then calling augment-response assining session+UID in the return of a defquery root on the server?

Chris Rosengren03:04:07

Nevermind, fulcro-template has the examples I was looking for