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Morning! I'm having success with my investigation. 😃

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@pez Can you re-state what exactly you are investigating? I saw some message here and there but I don't see the big picture/problem statement


Basically it is about that a certain optimized version of the Eratosthenes algorithm performs much much worse on certain combinations of CPUs and JVMs (and possibly Docker) than it should. It's a 4-5X performance drop without a reasonable explanation in sight. I can't stand unexplained stuff like this. I think this Twitter thread summarizes the ghost chase best right now (I'll blog about it later.) The difference between the two runs on the same machine, mentioned in the thread, is perhaps the most crazy clue in the whole thing. The success I am currently having is that I can repro the full extent of the performance drop using docker on this machine that I have bought (well, that Agical bought me) for the purpose of the investigation. And I can repro some of the drop by using a version of Java 18 instead of 17.


On Windows this is usually a virus scanner at work ;P

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Just got blocked by a well-known dude from the Clojure community on Twitter. My mistake was attempting to (diplomatically) refute a retweet of his because it cited a pretty fear-mongering COVID account that was taking Danish COVID stats way out of context. I know that Twitter is shithole in many ways, but COVID definitely made it worse. Kinda awkward to use his open source libs now.

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Ben Sless20:01:44

This is why I stay far away from any sort of discussion like that

Ben Sless20:01:19

Twitter gets the worst out of people


I’ll try to heed that advice in the future.


I deleted my Twitter account at the beginning of November... after many, many years on it. I had about 4,500 followers. I deleted my Facebook account too on the same day. For the same reason -- the worst of people comes out on social media. Shame. It was nice while it lasted 😞


Maybe I’ll do the same. I already stopped using Facebook and mostly stopped using Reddit too.


Hacker News is the big time sink 😛


You've got me real curious as to who the Clojure/COVID dude was...

Ben Sless04:01:09

I took great pains to tailor my twitter experience for Clojure, and that's it


I deleted my facebook account many many moons ago. One of the best decisions I made. Just like Ben, I only really follow tech/computing stuff, mostly clojure (and firewall/networking stuff). I also deleted my linkedin account at about the same time as the microsoft takeover. I'm not a big (anti)social networking user at all.

Ben Sless06:01:56

To pun a bit, social media isn't pro social

Ben Sless06:01:15

No "people first" attitude


It’s like heroine. Totally fine when you can keep it under control.


Just to clarify, it wasn't this dude ;)


That sucks, @simongray.

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)16:01:45

That only shows that we are all people, with our pros - and cons. None of us is perfect. Look at his bright side and benefit from his OSS work while trying to be forgiving about his lies bright side :-)

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You can like the art without necessarily liking the artist as they say

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