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Good Morning!


A gentle reminder to always care for your code base.

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Or, as you progress, don’t forget to bring up the rear.

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Morning. I am on day 7, or so, of a deep mystery with performance differences between environments.


This kind of stuff kills me. It’s par for the course with computers, and it’s sooooo boring and time consuming, so besides the problems that you’re usually trying to solve.


Tools not working, environments acting up etc


If this was a thing I did for other people I would probably be mad about it. In this case it is only something that has piqued my curiosity, so I am greatly enjoying myself. 😃

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Here's a thread where I've got wonderful help in figuring out ways to approach it. It's interesting how much there is to learn about so many things!


Good morning 🙂


@pez your spelunking reminded me of this video

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Which is a fairly good example of a leaky abstraction.


TIL spelunking!


Basically, how the memory management blabla differs between ARM and Intel processors and how that caused a bug in his scala library.


On the surface of it, it seems extremely relevant to my battle here. Also, I've heard so many theories about what to investigate that has flown over my head. Thinking this vid will help me make sense of the kind advice I've received. 🙂


Also, another couple of things: 1. Try to isolate to a as small repro as possible 2. Have a look at the java code that the repro produces (clojure-java-decompiler helps you there) 3. Have a look at the bytecode from the repro (javap or something, I normally don’t go this deep) 4. Have a look at what the JIT does. @quoll had an interesting chat with @potetm on twitter about this recently

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I used this a lot when working with data-json.


WRT to the JIT, you can have the JVM output what it does when jitting IIRC


Awesome. The machine that is on its way to me will help greatly with this. Since I have zero access to the machines running the drag-racing.


While waiting for the machine, make sure to set up some hypothesis so you can do


I've been running this talk in my head a lot this week!


As clueless as I am right now my only hypothesis (or should I say, hope) is that the machine will show the same performance loss as those machines. And then I want to quickly figure out if Docker is part of the picture. So if I see the penalty just running the thing on the command line I can rule out Docker.


Then, if I am really lucky, will I see the problem in the REPL?

Sandra Wichtrup10:01:53

Hi All! We are super excited to announce that we will be back in Berlin for : - Summer Beach Camp :beach_with_umbrella: Save the date: 11 June 2022 It will be again a special edition with great talks and much more, and all this with (hopefully) ☀️ and the feet in the sand on the beach directly at the Spree. Call for proposals will open in February. We are looking so forward and hope to see you all soon :smiling_face_with_3_hearts:! Please help us to spread the word 🙏

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@wichtrup I’ll talk about anything to be able to get back to :clojureD 🙂

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Sandra Wichtrup17:01:00

@U04V5VAUN 😊 😂Looking so forward meeting you again!


Good morning!


I've shared with my colleagues whom many of are in Berlin 🎉

Ben Sless16:01:52

Tbh I left windows behind. Don't want it or need it. FOSS all the way 🙂


Windows is disgusting.

Ben Sless16:01:29

Come now, some of my best friends are windows users


Your friends are fine. It’s Windows and me. I wanna puke and also get a bit suicidal when using it.

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Ben Sless17:01:14

Waiting for "This project does not work on non-free operating systems" 😛


If it's Calva, you're in for a wait. 😃 I'm supporting Windows users, and it is the only reason I ever use Windows. And also, I love MacOS. Haha.




WSL2 is nice. The “90% of Calva bug hunting time is on Windows” comes from non-WSL use.

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Ben Sless21:01:31

Boo, WSL is not a sin but a penance


I'm still a bit in doubt, as I'll be having a new laptop in a month. But as I read my mic, Elgato Wave, is next to impossible with Linux, I'm tempted to use Windows. With WSL2 off course.


Not sure how to interpret the 😾 on my comment. Wondering if my broken English might have made me something else than what I think I said. 😃


@pez I could be wrong, but I interpreted the cat as empathy for your struggle


cats are often hard to read though


They are! 😃


I'll thankfully accept empathy in this particular case. Everything about Calva development is most often just wonderful and I learn tons for each problem solved. But with Windows it is just that I feel sick and sad and angry. And even when having solved something, I have most often not learnt something useful. The huge exception being when @U04V15CAJ joins me on some of the trickier problems, then I enjoy it and learn an amazing lot! Especially about problem solving as an art form.

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Yup, the sad cat was empathy for your struggles with (non-WSL) Windows problems @pez

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