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nnichols20:01:41 is now ready for use on GitHub! This GitHub action uses antq to check for outdated dependencies and updates them for you. Updates include: • Fixes for multi-directory projects/monorepos • Commit messages for dependency updates now link to the GitHub diff between the old and new version (Thanks to some awesome new functionality in antq) • Support for most modern clojure dependency files (deps.edn, project.clj, shadow-cljs.edn, pom.xml) The last note leads to a secondary announcement: nnichols/leiningen-dependency-update-action is now slated for deprecation, since both actions shared an identical API and the first now also handles Leiningen projects. It will stay online in its current state to prevent anyone’s pipelines from breaking, but I do highly recommend upgrading since it only requires a simple substitution.

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If you’re reviewing you Clojure pipelines on GitHub, you may also be interested in The above runs clj-kondo for you and pipes the results through ReviewDog to create PR comments for linter findings


do you have any examples of what a PR looks like created by this action?


@U07FP7QJ0 - The clojure-lsp project uses this action, and it opened a PR this morning:


Seems it adds a bunch of extra newlines to the pom.xml 🙈 tools-deps used to have a similar problem but they fixed it quite some time ago IIRC


Antq performs the actual update, so I can check to see how the edits are performed. It may be the same root cause


A new version of the library project template is out. This version uses deps-new, build-clj instead of clj-new and depstar

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