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大家好! 下个星期 #clojure-asia 会主办我们的下一个聚会!活动以英语为主。若你们有兴趣参加,我们会很乐于认识更多的Clojurians :) 20th August (Sat) 1330-1500 SGT (0530-0700 UTC) We will be having a talk by Abhinav (@abhinav.omprakash10) titled "How to spy on your data with snitch" Briefly: "Snitch is a repl-friendly, editor-agnostic, clojure(script) tool that can be used to debug and understand data flowing through your system. I will demonstrate how I use this tool in my own workflow, show others how to set it up, and finally give some practical tips and pitfalls that users must be aware of." Please fill up the signup form 😄