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more intellij related than cursive itself, but maybe someone here knows: is there a way to customize intellij “emacs style”? Would be nice if I could have a config file that I could manage fully myself, that overrides defaults in IntelliJ. So far it’s mostly keybindings I want to manage this way. Anyone know if this is possible?


if you get the intellij vim plug-in there’s a vimrc file that loads on startup, i can send you mine if you'd like


ah, that’s an interesting way to do that 🙂 I’ll look into it

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I’ve tried that before actually, but it just ends up being an unmanagable repo of XML files you don’t manage yourself, and for some reason one of the few things it didn’t save was my key bindings. Maybe it’s improved though, this was a couple of years ago

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Ivar Refsdal18:08:27

Here ~/.config/JetBrains/<product><version>/linux.keymaps is rather readable XML with stuff such as:

<action id=":cursive.testing.actions/run-single-test">
    <keyboard-shortcut first-keystroke="alt t" />


ah, good point, I could just do it “by hand” and maybe some symlinks etc

Ivar Refsdal18:08:20

Yeah, I suppose so.


I use the Settings Repository, it definitely syncs my keybindings.


I have no idea if this is a cursive issue, but IDEA is refusing to generate stubs, giving me a

Execution error (NoSuchMethodError) at (


Does this error appear in your logs? If so, could you send them to me, either via DM here or to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>?


I’ve been working in the same codebase for so long I dont know when this started to happen