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Is the entirety of the google closure library supposed to be available for use in nbb scripts?


@alvin.francis.dumalus Not all of it is exposed, but if you need something let me know. It's also possible to use the google closure library from npm directly


That is awesome. Thanks! Was just poking around with what's nbb compatible in terms of cljs libraries and was encountering missing google closure namespaces.


We could add those, just let me know which ones


In this specific case, I wanted to see if something as broad as re-frame could be pulled in. And got Could not find namespace: goog.async.nextTick . There might be more there. Will keep poking around.


@alvin.francis.dumalus I see! Where would you use re-frame in the context of an nbb "app" / "script"?


Still toying around with some ideas, but stuff like ported over to just a script seem pretty cool. Right now, I'm playing around with using kafkajs and rendering live output with ink . While really easy, the streaming nature of kafka here lends itself well to re-frame's events.


Honestly, just having fun with it right now 😉 Not sure if it's something that does make pragmatic sense.


Yeah, makes sense. For now you could probably do it in the small with just a global reagent atom and functions bashing on that state


I'm open to adding re-frame if more people are interested in using it


The best way to "poll" this is to make a Github Discussion so people can provide feedback


Sounds good :thumbsup: Although personally, I think probably better not to bundle it with nbb even if it's lazily loaded if that's what you mean by including it. Reagent is already plenty 🙂


alright then :)