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Yes, but it the bridge needed some modifications in itself to work as well. It seems like I actually got it to work now. Haven’t found any more issues so far 😄 I’ll submit a PR to re-natal


I created a re-natal PR explaining how I managed to upgrade to RN 0.57


worked like a charm @lucas967

😀 4

that + pr before fixed all issues with my experiements this morning trying this out


@lucas967 My PR was mostly to add the custom transformer and upgrade libs. When you have a project on any decent size the output will be a couple megs and choke the default transformer for rn. I’m using OM next with iOS so my testing on the other frameworks is limited.


is there a reason why the default for re-natal makes an ios and android core.cljs seperate?


I also found a bug with use-figwheel. It runs check-deps and a new dependency of RN fails because the version is not semver compatible.


Not really. The motivation is probably to import platform specific files but there should be a better way to manage that.


I’ve only done proof of concept with android though.


yea I don't want two seperate core.cljs entry points, but at the same time I don't know enough about how it all bootstraps to want to remove them to only have one


Here’s the PR to fix the use-figwheel fix. I’ll reach out to the owner to see if he accepts it.


actually looks like in the env files to move that around