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Hi! I'm using schema.core/defmethod, how can I customise Cursive to make it aware of the arguments scope like a regular defmethod? (I see the Edit intention settings but I'm not sure how to use it, and docs on the website don't mention it).


Exactly the same as the thread above…


Actually, it isn't, since none of the built-in options is correct for this form.


But cursive somehow understands the schema.core/defn macro out of the box... so somehow, somewhere, it should be possible to customise.


@U1LCB75M2 That’s a tricky one, since the built in defmethod won’t work for that. I’ll add support for that, I missed it when adding schema support.

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@cfleming by the way, do you plan on exposing a way to customise those macros? I would be fine adding it myself if the plugin exposed some hook to do that.


@U1LCB75M2 Yes I do, but it’s a long term project due to some bad architectural choices made early on which are proving difficult to fix.


ok, hope you can find the time to do it!


Hi @cfleming By chance did you have any fortune recreating that evaluate issue with the versions I listed? The feature is a big time saver. I would be so grateful for help you could share.


@UCEKLQ24T I didn’t sorry but I’ll look at it before the next EAP. I’ve filed this so I don’t forget:


One thing to check - the symbol you’re trying to evaluate is actually instantiation-hash, right? i.e. with a - rather than a _


it is an underscore _ I use underscore in order to quickly discern variables from functions and I use underscores instead of hyphens out of scorn from bugs Id experienced earlier in the angular side of my career. I just checked another variable that doesn't involve an underscore and the same issue arises


I did notice that (+ 1 1) does evaluate


so it seems related to variables and scope


Hi everyone, In my work environment, we use IntelliJ with Cursive to develop clojure microservices. Are you familiar with any good tutorials that exercise this IDE?


Pedestal has some decent getting started guides