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Al Baker12:09:40

hey folks - recruiting again over here at Stardog Union to join our NASA team - we've got a handful of clojure projects, helping NASA to build an enterprise knowledge graph for human spaceflight. Have 2 positions available, one remote work is cool, 2nd is Bay Area. Travel is limited (once a year face-to-face at a NASA center, this year's is historic astronaut beach house at Kennedy Space Center for our FY19 planning meeting)

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is that stardog the database?


ha! small world


used to use stardog at my old work, interacted with it via clj

Al Baker12:09:33

Bay Area opportunity, also looking for junior/2 years exp, remote work can be any level - cool to ping me direct here to chat about the work


I assume given the nature of the roles US citizenship is a requirement?


would the remote work be a permanent or temporary position?


@U0DCK21EJ Open to hiring from a dev team?

Al Baker13:09:34

@U3JH98J4R remote work is expected to be long term, we've supported NASA for many years and expect to keep doing so

Al Baker13:09:50

@U785CSM1N yes, it is a software development position - though we are embedded in NASA, so also looking for the soft skills for dealing with a customer directly (again in the NASA we're-all-engineers kind of way, not the VP at a bank sort of way)


@U0DCK21EJ should be able to help you for Clojure devs if you are comfortable in hiring from a dev shop/team. Let's chat in DM. :)


Are there job descriptions for these roles? I would like to link them to someone who isn't in this Slack

Al Baker10:10:34

Devops is on, the senior role isnโ€™t up yet


yapster is looking for a couple of clojure|script developers, semi-remote or on-site, within reach of london - please DM me with any questions

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