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I’m running into a problem while using re-natal where my cljs is compiling without errors or warnings, but then I require a foo namespace from my base namespace, and foo/any-var is nil, regardless it’s real value in foo. Then if I edit the foo namespace in any way (add a comment), the app reloads through figwheel and foo/any-var has its correct value. Has anyone seen this problem before/have an idea what’s going on?


Hi all. Quick (newb) question. I’m starting my first cljsrn app using re-natal. I want to use the react-native-search-bar, so I followed the instructions over at I perform a`npm install react-native-search-bar`; I think used rnpm to link everything. Everything looks good in xcode. In one of my namespaces I do the whole (def searchbar (r/adapt-react-class (js/require "react-native-search-bar"))). And then, of course, when I fire up the emulator I get a Big Crunch Red Screen Of Death™: Requiring unknown module "react-native-search-bar". If you are sure the module is there, try restarting the packager or running "npm install”… The module is there, the xcode project is linked, the product is there… that should be all there is to it, no?


(sorry - quick correction, I included the —save flag when doing the npm install)


One thing I noticed is the index/android.ios.js files have the module listed, which I imagine could cause some problems, but it seems the CLI tool which generates those files never includes it. Any idears? Something doesn’t seem to be completely aligning. Thanks!


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I guess it should be on a top of the README - quiet easy to miss it now


I’d actually read that last week prior to starting this project… one would think I’d remember, but one would be horribly disappointed.


all up and running now. Thanks a TON @artemyarulin. Extremely helpful. Cheers!


@artemyarulin good point about README I’ll move that up