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anyone got React.addons.TransitionGroup working with Reagent (not the CSSTransitionGroup) ?


Are there any tips on tracking down performance issues with reagent? I am using secretary and cljs-ajax with reagent and in many places I am passing the app-state. although it's fast in terms of loading data there seems to be slowness in the animations of transitions or when using external javascript libs.


this is a project I was doing in OM, that I'm re-writting in reagent


@sjol just out of curiosity why are you rewriting in reagent from om?


i haven't really explored Om myself because reagent was way too easy to comprehend and build something without knowing anything so I've kinda stuck with it


@naomarik: I was getting weird issues with the atoms and cursors, and trying to on-board new people into the code was harder than expected. Reagent it turned out made the code look simpler. I do use create-class for a few things, all in all it's been going along well. I'm just not quite sure how to optimize the code or find out the culprit for misbehaving components. The use of ^{:key ...} has been my goto for now, just not sure what else after that.


reagent is not always showing what I'd expect when doing a google search...!


Also with OM I was using OM-tools which helped a lot to make components


have you tried using chrome's timeline to see where things are getting hung up?


you can record a short interaction in your app and see how long function calls are taking and what it's doing


@naomarik: I have and everything seems nested pretty deep. and my last try with figwheel on seems to have adverse effects on my machine... I may need to reboot