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Justin Duncan02:07:59

Hi all! I am a newbie wanting to open a beginner friendly task on JIRA. When I signed up it says

doesn't have access to Jira on
Could someone steer me in the right direction please?


you can find a lot more info at


but in short, to open a jira, you don't need an account, you can add it here:

Justin Duncan03:07:40

thanks! I signed the CA, but forgot to do step two and supply the email that should have access! Thanks!


if you're just filing an issue, there's no need to sign the CA or get a jira acct

Justin Duncan03:07:35

I am wanting to contribute to Clojurescript itself 🙂. My understanding is that the process to do this is to sign the CA, setup a JIRA account, pick a task, makes some changes then squash all my commits to a single patch and attach that to the JIRA task.


yeah, if you're going to add patches, you'll need an account - you can request on the same link above