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Thought I might write here, maybe obvious things: when in a source map I replace sources from [core.cljs] to [../src/core.cljs] Chrome DevTools is happy again


Even in older versions of node.js like 6.10 (no problem detected in > 7.6)


so what was the problem? why ../src/core.cljs works? src should not be exposed to dev server, this sounds to me like a misconfiguration on your part and that made it work just by coincidence


from your last post, the take away was that the whole issue was on node.js side, cljs generated correct source maps, but old node.js did something wrong


Yes it was on the node.js side, it looks like the embedded node-inspector at some point and made some mess around it 😀


that does look interesting, but only time will tell


So I did some testing with basic web app. Prepack does a great job at folding computations. The output size is almost the same as Closure would produce, but the code is running two times faster