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Hi, wondering if somebody has come across this when using untangled.server.core/untangled-system. The readme suggests setting up a system like this:

(def your-server
    {:api-handler-key ::your-api-handler-key
     :components {:config (usc/new-config)
                             :server (usc/make-web-server ::handler)
                             ::handler (make-your-ring-handler ::your-api-handler-key)}}))
So I'm having trouble seeing how to implement the read/`mutate` functions. Do I inject them somehow? I think I'm missing something obvious. Is there a full example somewhere I can get my head around? Thank you!


@kgxsz you can check the cookbook. That has plenty of examples:


adambros: Yeah that typo was the issue for me. Thanks for pointing it out.


Does untangled or use react router? I’m looking at how to use react router for a browser history back button but am unsure of that type of usage under untangled.


don’t think they play well together.


there are docs explaining nicely how to implement routing and html5 history