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@bronsa: In the for tools.reader, it has for 0.10.0-alpha2: "Added support for auto-qualifying backtick in cljs port”. Was this perhaps meant instead to be auto-qualifying keywords?


@mfikes: I apparently missed a few words simple_smile meant to be "auto-qualifying symbols and keywords inside a backtick"


My underlying reason for asking is I was digging into making syntax quote auto-qualify symbols in bootstrapped ClojureScript (Planck), and saw some unit tests commented out. Trying to determine if it is just not supported (or if I need to change Planck). The unit tests I saw:


@bronsa: see above ^ I’ll try uncommenting those tests and digging deeper. Perhaps things can work and I just need to understand the subtleties better.


@mfikes: I haven't really worked on the cljs port much myself, I honestly don't remember much about what ended up being supported. I'll dig around it a bit later


@bronsa: No problem. The code is all there. I can dig into it. simple_smile


cool, let me know if you need any help simple_smile


@bronsa: By the way, I managed to sort out the reader syntax-quote issue. It needs a call to resolve-symbol. A crude gist is linked. (I've signed the CA.) I can work on cleaning it up, (eliminate the try-catch), unit tests, etc. if there is interest.