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@simax99 @cfleming: Hi guys following the REPL window resizing keyboard problem, just noticed something. If I open a REPL window before starting a REPL session, the keyboard shortcuts work. When I start a REPL session in this window, the shortcuts still work up until the moment when the message "Connecting to local nREPL server..." is issued. At that point, the resize shortcuts stop working, and only clicking on the Tools icon reinstates them. It also seems that stopping/restarting REPL or closing/opening REPL window no longer have any effect on the shortcuts until the project is closed. (Windows 10, IJ 15, but I think I observed this behavior on Win 8.1 and IJ 14 IIRC)


@yuris: @cfleming Ticket logged with JetBrains support re: REPL tool window resize problem. Lets see what they come up with.


I'm editing a defrecord using Cursive and it is failing to resolve any methods with dashes or bangs! Is this a known issue? Here is my code:

(defrecord FaceMesh [face-set]
  (faces [m] (:face-set m))
  (edges [m] (or (:edge-set m) (keys (:edge-faces-map m)) (mm/edge-set m)))
  (verts [m] (or (:vert-set m) (keys (:vert-npfs-map m)) (mm/vert-set m)))
  (assoc-edge-faces-map [m] (mm/assoc-edge-faces-map m))
  (assoc-face-area-map [m] (mm/assoc-face-area-map m))
  (assoc-face-circ-map [m] (mm/assoc-face-circ-map m))
  (assoc-face-dist-map [m point] (mm/assoc-face-dist-map m point))
  (assoc-vert-npfs-map [m] (mm/assoc-vert-npfs-map m))
  (centroid [m] (mm/centroid m))
  (edge-faces-map [m] (or (:edge-faces-map m) (mm/edge-faces-map m)))
  (face-color-map [m] (:face-color-map m))
  (face-normal-map [m] (or (:face-normal-map m) (mm/face-normal-map m)))
  (scale [m factor] (mx/scale (vec (mp/verts m)) factor) m)
  (scale! [m factor] (mx/scale! (vec (mp/verts m)) factor) m)
  (vert-faces-map [m] (or (:vert-faces-map m) (mm/vert-faces-map m)))
  (vert-normal-map [m] (or (:vert-normal-map m) (mm/vert-normal-map m)))
  (vert-npfs-map [m] (or (:vert-npfs-map m) (mm/vert-npfs-map m))))


It also fails to resolve any arguments for the methods that have dashes or bangs.


So lots of highlighted code in this file. Note that the code works just fine. It's only Cursive that is confused.


Hmm, I have (-get-event-handlers [this] ...) in my defrecord and it is resolved properly, so maybe something else is up?


At least in so far as it is not highlighted as an unknown symbol, ctrl+click doesn't navigate to the protocol (that might be intentional though I suppose).


@jaen: It's strange. I haven't written that many defrecords before so this is the first time I've seen this.


@meow: That should work fine, I’ll check this later on.


@cfleming: Yeah, it isn't causing me any real problems - just kind of annoying. No hurry.