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Does anyone tried to setup CI for clojurescript/reactNative? I mean I know how to make, I just wonder what services you are using? I’m fan of CircleCI and I have multiple project there already, but looks like it’s not free anymore for mobile 😞


@artemyarulin: Dang. I’ve been using the mobile CircleCI setup for Planck for free and it is still working. Perhaps it falls under the 1 free container offering.


@mfikes: Hm, it used to be free indeed and maybe still, but in near feature - nope 😞 Mobile testing is a separate service, you can see it here:, and at the end of a page they say:

What if we’re building open-source?
Please reach out to our team at  - we’re happy to provide significant discounts for open-source projects!


I dropped them a message in a twitter - maybe they can support ClojureScript and enable one account for example for this organisation If someone have any friends in CircleCI - can you ask?


@artemyarulin: Cool. I'm abusing the mobile CircleCI offering, just because it uses OS X and has Xcode :)


not sure - but looks like Travis is free for open source


and it has support of everything, android, ios


@mfikes: btw - what do you use to record the video with demos? Thinking about writing one




Finally was able to finalise to some alpha state. If you are into cross-platform development (ios + android + browser) and om-next, check this out. Any feedback are very welcome


and another small thing has a support of persisting state on a disk which makes real time state sync between clients possible. Maybe someone would find it useful