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@dnolen & @alexmiller I've improved the Lean HAMT perf for seqs to ~30%- 40% of the current HAMT implementation for all the JS engines (except FF). For small maps (<= 100) the perf differs narrows. It seems the perf improvements for the paper are born out in practice. I'll be working on improving hash and = next


@spinningtopsofdoom: very cool! what changes did you have to make for the perf bumps?


Changing the iterating over the sub nodes from inc to the number of sub nodes to dec to 0. That allowed me to have a a custom array copy function of an array of size 7. Those were the main perf bumps


@spinningtopsofdoom: do you have a repo with those impls?


The stack iteration that was used by the paper was designed for mutable oop so there was some allocation overhead that needed to be trimed for a seq based immutable version