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How's everyone doing? 🙂 Not sure if this is the first message since new years but if it is: Happy new year if you celebrate it 🎉

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Daw-Ran Liou18:01:57

Happy new year everyone 🥳


Anyone did anything fun over the last weeks?


We always celebrate Christmas in my home town. Usually lots of friends are in town too. This year we invited them all to our house and sat in the garden around a nice fire. One of our friends was really eager to go skinny dipping in a nearby lake and managed to convince almost all of us to join. (To everyone’s surprise really) It took a three car convoy to get us all to the lake. Including my mom and my 11yo brother


Enjoyed the sun in Lisbon over new years. Are you back from india?


I got my son an XBox One X and we played it pretty much the whole break!


@mkvlr I’m sitting in Bangalore airport as we speak. Unfortunately there will be strikes in Frankfurt when I arrive so my actual arrival in Berlin is still some what unclear 🙈😆


@john did you get I for your son or for you? :D what did you Play? Couch coop style games I guess?


@martinklepsch I got it for him :man-shrugging: yeah, madden, nba, fortnight and a few others. But I was surprised to find that my nvidia shield is able to "stream" some of these games in almost as high resolution. Xbox One X on a large 4K/HDR screen though looks pretty BA!


Yeah that streaming stuff is getting more and more impressive. A friend had a shadow (?) subscription for a while but couldn’t get it to work on his Linux box.


@john check out rocket league — that’s incredible fun to play in split screen

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👍 I'll check it out, thanks!