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Hey @borkdude - just played with the new hooks API you pushed and confirmed that it handles my use case perfectly! Thanks!


Ps. your documentation on graal, etc was fantastic. As an aside, when trying to build with JVM 11 based graal I ran into the same issue that I presume lead you to write - worth noting that adding that as a dep to clj-kondo's :clojure-1.10.2-alpha1 profile didn't seem to fix it for me. Ultimately I just used a java 8 based graal - happy to submit a PR to the clj-kondo compile docs clarifying that you need a JDK 8 based build if you think that bug is expected. Sorry I didn't have time to dig further.


Forgot to mention, I also have this working :)


A doc PR and issue to upgrade to 11 are both welcome


clj-kondo is now part of github/super-linter!

🎉 51