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@matthew.pettis nice, glad to see you sorted it out - looks better too

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Matthew Pettis20:01:23

Thanks again for the help. I think it is helpful to have an example for clara-rules that leverages namespaces. I think I'll see if cerner/clara-examples would consider adding it as an example. Or somewhere. Nice to have a battery of examples for some of this...


@matthew.pettis yeah more examples could be good. Not sure when the last time that repo was updated. But perhaps it is the right place. There are also docs that maybe could explain some things more

Matthew Pettis20:01:18

@mikerod Yep, started there, read the documentation, some of it was vague to me, and not sure if is lack of experience on my part or it just doesn't have attention anymore to curate. Also, fwiw, I am making a different repo of collected small steps for myself for self-training. In this link, I use clara-rules to solve a logic puzzle, much like could be done with core.logic. However, I did it in clara-rules not because it was more efficient (oh, my example is real slow and memory hoggy), but because it mimicked a different scenario I think I want to apply clara-rules to. Here is that particular example...

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thatโ€™s interesting, could be something nice to add to docs or examples