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Fork v1.2.4 - Form library for reagent & re-frame. 🍴 With this version, you can now debounce OR throttle your send-server-request handler, used for live input validation (server side) or any server operation really

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[com.wsscode/edn-json "1.0.3"] is out! New things on this version: - Support for json-like encoding, this works the same as the previous encoder, but returns massaged EDN instead of native JSON, this way this fn can also run in CLJ environments - Add option to enable/disable special list types encoding - Documentation updated with new things. Check it out at:

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metehan19:01:15 I am streaming my code if somone interested in re-frame you can watch and chat with me πŸ™‚

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This channel is for new projects and libraries and any major updates. Please post live coding, articles, tutorials in the #news-and-articles channel. Or if broadcasts scheduled in advance then use the #events channel. Thank you.


Lein middleware which computes version from the ambient Git context (think tags) lein-git-inject has now reached version 0.0.11 It now feels feature complete and stable

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