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I think it’s important to have the test namespaces evaled?


I would guess that your tests folder isn't on the classpath


Hi everyone, I'm trying to set up shadow-cljs with CIDER. I've cloned the official demo repo from I can successfully run the following from the command line: shadow-cljs compile app shadow-cljs cljs-repl app shadow-cljs watch app According to the Docs (, ( CIDER should work with shadow-cljs out of the box. However, when I run cider-jack-in-cljs I first get asked Are you sure you want to run 'cider-jack-in' without a Clojure project? Then, after specifying shadow as REPL type and :app as the build I get the following: error in process filter: user-error: ClojureScript is not available. then I drop into a pure Clojure-REPL with no CLJS. Info on this Error is scarce (see here e.g., it's likely a Classpath error of some kind. (I'm running Java 1.8.0_232, Clojure 1.10.1. Emacs 26.3 and CIDER 20200120.711.) I'm probably missing something obious here, just taking my first step with shadow-cljs (@dpsutton, you may have guessed that I'm following your suggestion to resconstruct the macchiato template in shadow-cljs) Many thanks for any ideas you may share on this problem!


@services what’s your CIDER version. From memory, it’s been a while since support for shadow was added


@services thats weird it works fine for me. i have this version You could just build a new project from scratch with this template? lein new shadow-cljs <your-project-name> +reagent or npx create-cljs-project [project-name]


Ok, I've tried with the template suggested by @papachan … same result. Also I've replaced my previous version of CIDER (most recent from MELPA, 20200120.711) with the current version from MELPA-stable, which is 0.23.0… no change

Eric Ihli14:01:57

Are you running cider-jack-in-cljs in an emacs buffer of a file that is inside the repository? You can't run the command from a scratch buffer etc...


That I know, I've tried running it from the shadow-cljs.edn buffer and from one of the .cljs-files under src


can you update your clojure-mode?


I am troubled however by the question Are you sure you want to run 'cider-jack-in' without a Clojure project?


Never got that using Boot or Leinigen

Eric Ihli14:01:27

You can also do a debug-on-entry on cider--update-jack-in-cmd and then run cider-jack-in-cljs and step through and see if you notice anything funny. Like, you should probably have a (:project-dir "~/.../minimal-shadow-cljs-browser/") entry in the param plist. If not, trace it back to figure out why.


i think clojure-mode is responsible for the project root. So if it doesn't speak shadow then a newer version will


@dpsutton, You got it! Turned out my clojure-mode was 20171008.743… back from when I tookmy first stab at Clojure…


…it works now … I'm wondering what other pains finding this earlier would have saved me from


Many thanks to all of you… that was really swift!


Ona side note: I'm a bit surprised that CIDER didn't complain about this upon install… clojure-mode is a dependency after all…


i think emacs works like that. it only ensures a dependency is satisfied, not its version unfortunately


but glad you're up and running! cider


So am I, thanks again for your help… when it works CIDER gives me the best tooling eperience I've ever had!

parens 4

@dpsutton, just for closure (no pun intended): I have now successfully ported the Macchiato template to shadow-cljs. Except for some streamlining left to be done CIDER integration works like a breeze… At some point it might make sense to share this as an alternative on clj-templates… for now: Many thanks for your help in the process!