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Ben Sless12:03:55

Would it be a good idea to add a variable like cider-clojure-cli-aliases which has a different scope? My use case: I wish to define global development convenience aliases I'll start with by default, and dir-local aliases for specific projects So that would translate to something like cider-clojure-cli-aliases and cider-clojure-global-cli-aliases

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I just got bit by this last night - started a new project, hacked away for a while, added a dependency, restarted the repl and boom! - the dependency wasn't on the classpath! I spent a good 20 minutes scratching my head before realizing I didn't have a dir-locals file that added the :dev alias to my repl command : / This happens to me about every 3 months or so.

Joshua Suskalo20:03:15

Hey, so is it a known issue that the cider debugger compiles symbols in function call position as from clojure.core even when that symbol is shadowed by a local binding?