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Good Morning!


House sparrow, robin, and blue tit all fighting over who gets to feed at the bird feeder today


the robin and blue tit chased each other away, the sparrow got to eat


aahh..... two fight... third one gets lucky.


Good-ish morning


Good morning


good morning


Good morning. I wish my son would stop waking up crying in the night, this long term sleep deprivation thing is tough.

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Hos old is he?


I know precisely what you mean. Not so much the kid (after we sleep trained him, he is a really good sleeper), but I'm a highly sensitive person to noise, external stimuli, so a gnat's bottom burp would wake me up.


Past few days have been bad for me


That sucks, man. 😞


I feel you all. With our first daughter this was a nightmare. But we only learned then we our second would not cry all night long 😱 Things went uphill from there and no. 3 and 4 have been a breeze. (I we as parents became dull enough 😉 )

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@U0AQ3HP9U are you trying sleep training?


@U11EL3P9U not per se, but what do you mean, exactly?


At around 2.5 years our first daughter started to wake up and be horribly upset sometimes for hours. Every night, going on for months. It turned out to be something called Night Terrors. Basically, although she appeared to be awake, she was actually sleeping and having a nightmare. Our attempts to talk to her and try help her probably got mixed in to the dream and making things worse. Once we knew what was going on we could help her by merely waking her up as gently as we could. Then it all went away very close after that, possibly unrelated. I don't know what's meant with ”waking up crying” so it could of course be totally off.


Sleep training is where you start off putting them in the cot, then let them cry. Come in after 30 seconds and pat pat them to reassure them that you are there. Wait until they go back to sleep again, and extend the time to 1 minute and repeat and so on (you do this over the course of days/weeks) until you get to a time when they will sleep by themselves, safe in the knowledge that you are about if they need you.


Worked wonders for our kid. We started at about 6 months, took about 1 month or so, now he sleeps right through the night (apart from the times when he was learning to potty train when he would have the odd accident). He's generally been a good kid.


Key is consistency.


and be strong! I know a few times I wanted to go in when he was adjusting, but he eventually settled and went to sleep himself.


oh, another thing we used was a swaddle


Bit like this


Eventually he became strong enough to get out of it himself, but it really hlped at the begining.


my son, 12, still has the occasional night terror. really weird indeed

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but hopefully things improve for you @U0AQ3HP9U


My wife even occasionally has sleep terror. I'm not a big fan of sleep training. Humans are not meant to let seep alone in the dark. But it can be a godsend of parents in cases.


Thanks @U052852ES, yeah, lots of things going on for our son - teething, awareness of things and such - so we can always cross our fingers that it blows over soon


@U11EL3P9U @U054UD60U we’ve decided against that kind of sleep training here as well. He sleeps with us, or in a motorized cradle thingey (like so: )


And then, when he wakes in the evening (while we’re still awake and elsewhere), sometimes he needs nursing, and other times he just needs to go from the motor to a flat, hard cradle or vice versa, and he’ll be at rest.


@U11EL3P9U I used to wake really easily, too, but I think I’m just too tired these days to notice most sounds!


Babies are much more mysterious than I thought, or at least, ours is.

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> Humans are not meant to let seep alone This. We have practiced full out co-sleeping with all our kids, and I think it is a big contributor to them being the harmonious persons they are. We've built together a huge bed out of two big ones. 😃


I wish our co-sleeping feedback would be more imminent; perhaps he’ll be more harmonious in the future 😅

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We used a swaddle when he was a kid, btw, it worked some of the time. Too strong now and doesn’t care for that kind of stuff 🙂


I can relate...

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Ggggood Morrrrning!


Some nice code golfing in that thread 🙂


That universal control on the macOS 12.3 is pretty sweet. As an old user of Synergy, Universal Control does what I want it to do, move my mouse between computers, and type in one that appears in another.


Nice thread, @orestis! Joining the party this way.


mmm... now do it for other distributions 🙂