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The cider-format-* functionality (on the spacemacs develop branch) is not applying my indent rules specified via define-clojure-indent in the clojure-mode-hook . Is this by-design? Should I be using a different approach? Or perhaps defining it for a different mode? It works if I indent via = in evil-mode. The cider docs seem to only cover the {:style/indent ...} metadata approach.


how do I link a buffer to a repl in another project? I feel like sesman-link-with-* should do this, but it doesn't


or something's off, I can see the link in sesman-browser, but the buffer still says [not connected]


oh nevermind seems it has to do with clj/cljs repl type

Andrzej P15:02:42

Hi. I’m attempting to use clj-refactor and am using the latest stable Emacs, and Cider. • As per the instructions I install clj-refactor version 2.4.0 from MELPA Stable and have (require 'clj-refactor) in my init.el. • In a fresh Leiningen project I do cider-jack-in and see that the refactor-nrepl middleware is loaded • Doing cljr-rename-symbol on e.g. the local x in foo in core.clj asks if the project should be evaluated • Saying y results in the message “Symbol’s value as variable is void: peg-stack” What am I doing wrong? 😕