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There is no bindable action currently to trigger stub generation when the popup appears, is there?


No, there isn’t, but that would be nice. I’ll think about that, because it would also be good to have an action to trigger the stub check. Currently you have to refresh your lein/deps project to do that.


@U08BJGV6E i usually just do cmd-shift-a then ref deps i cloud just probably assign some abbreviation to it. i've noticed in recent versions there are spacemacs-style (or cider-style) abbreviations are introduced for the various test operations too. very good idea! it helps bridging the worlds of ppl using different editors 🙂


cheers. I am aware about ref deps, have it bound. My question was specificly about stub generation though, so I don't have to hover and click when the notification appears


ah, misread it, sorry... im getting tired, i guess