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Hey. Sometimes I get this message when using jack-in for a project that I already had an open repl: Dead REPLs exist. Reuse? (y or n) The thing is, I have no idea what’s the consequence of using y or n. Also, I’m not sure if I understand what’s a ‘dead repl’. I always use n. What would be the advantage of y? Also, would it be desirable to have an option for skipping this prompt and always using a default option?


a dead repl is a repl buffer whose underlying process is no longer running. You can see all of the text that has been entered but can't evaluate anymore. When you jack in, it sees you had a repl buffer and its offering to reuse that buffer since its not super useful any longer. But maybe you want to just crank up a new one instead. Your choice. No harm either way unless you want to preserve the old repl as a log or something


Got it. Thanks :thumbsup:

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